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About Nachi Company (Manufacturer of Nachi Bearings)
NACHI-Fujikoshi Corporation was founded in the city of Toyama (Japan) in 1928. Their main focus is to provide a wide range of solutions to customers in the fields of automotive, industrial, machinery, energy and infrastructure. NACHI holds the world’s No. 1 share for producing Constant Velocity Joints, Double-Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings, Helical Broaches, Wheel Drive and Swing Motors.

With the famous brand of Nachi ball bearings and the trademark of "Nachi". NACHI bearings include various types of radial and axial bearings, roller bearings, tapered bearings, tapered bearings, bearings, pipe cutting blocks and hoses.

Types of Bearings

Revo Bearings is your authorized supplier for Nachi bearings in Dubai.
Benefit from their expertise and seamless customer service to find the perfect Nachi bearings for your specific needs.

Revo Bearings offers an extensive inventory of Nachi bearings, ensuring you have access to the right bearing solutions for your applications. From miniature bearings to large-scale industrial bearings, Revo Bearings has you covered.

Our USP's


Enjoy competitive pricing on Nachi bearings with Revo Bearings. We strive to provide cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality, making it a win-win for your business. With Revo Bearings, you can rely on prompt and efficient delivery of Nachi bearings to your location in Dubai. Minimize downtime and keep your operations running smoothly.

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