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Our vehicles air conditioning systems comprises of a compressor. These compressor require angular ball bearings to operate and carry out smooth function.


The usage of the air conditioning system is so high especially in hot regions of the globe that the bearings gradually wear out and start producing noises or quite simply, break. This requires immediate vehicle inspection and would require the technicians to replace your air conditioner bearings.


If you are looking to buy affordable air conditioner bearings in dubai, please get in touch with REVO Bearings your trusted bearing supplier in Dubai.


We are dealing in air conditioner bearings for all vehicles. Le t us know you car make and model and we would be happy to provide you with a cost effective solution for your car.

Air Conditioner Bearings

  • Part No's / Series Available

    Bearing part no’s 6201 2RS, 6202 2RS, 6203 2RS are all available in-house and can also be sourced at the most competitive and affordable rates by our team of specialists at Revo Bearings in Dubai.



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