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Tensioner bearing consists of a base, tensioner arm, spring, and pulley. It provides pressure to a timing belt that drives other pulleys while easing the strain on the belt. The primary function of a belt is to run at a constant tension to ensure that the alternator has enough power to move the pulleys, which drive all individual components of the vehicle.


The belt tensioner is at the front of an internal combustion engine. A belt-driven outer ring mechanism, including a timing belt, is essential in the set. The tensioner provides tension to the belt, which drives from the crankshaft to the camshaft, alternator, air compressor, power steering pump, and water pump. The tensioner bearing is placed at the slack side of the belt to transfer the driving force from the crankshaft.


The most important element in choosing your tensioner bearings depends on the material it is made up from as they are exposed to high temperature and friction which can result to grease leakages in the sealing of the bearing,


We at Revo Bearings ensure that our tensioner and idler bearing product quality is of superior company make that improves performance and efficiency of your vehicle. If you have noise issues caused by off line belt


Revo is your trusted bearing supplier in Dubai. We are providing bearings and power transmission products in Dubai for OEM’s, MRO’s.

Tensioner Bearings

  • Part No's / Series Available

    Bearing part no’s 6201 2RS, 6202 2RS, 6203 2RS are all available in-house and can also be sourced at the most competitive and affordable rates by our team of specialists at Revo Bearings in Dubai.



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